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Are you looking for a way to ensure your children get the best possible learning experience? Our classrooms provide a well organised, furnished and high-tech environment with CCTVs and overhead projectors (OHPs) installed in every class. This allows students to participate in interactive activities such as virtual field trips, live video conferences, and more. Not only that, but our classrooms are also monitored by an experienced team of educators, ensuring students get the best out of their learning experience. With our classrooms, students can enjoy an improved learning experience with increased safety and security.


Our well-staffed transportation section maintains 30 buses that travel to a variety of locations and over a range of distances. Our transportation division provides prompt, secure, and dependable conveyance services. Our team has received the necessary training to guarantee the smooth upkeep and transition of students. You can relax knowing that your pupils' safety is always taken care of with our services.


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Without sufficient hands-on practice, learning cannot be fully completed. Students have the chance to get this expertise in laboratories. The labs are completely manned and run by qualified experts. The equipment and computer systems are of the highest calibre, exposing our pupils to the most modern technology. We take pleasure in saying that our system of laboratory management is hassle-free and that routine checks are done to ensure that quality maintenance is carried out. Computer labs also use the latest software(s). To assist our pupils in developing their speaking and listening abilities, soft skills are also made available.


The Library of St. Philomena’s PU & First Grade College has set its vision to provide good library facilities, which include extensive collections of books, periodicals, newspapers, and journals for students of all courses. Currently, we have more than 10,000 books covering a variety of topics, languages, and categories, all of which are constantly updated.




The college provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their physical and mental health through its extensive sports facility. Students can engage in sports like cricket, table tennis, badminton, volleyball and more, enhance their physical fitness, develop their teamwork and communication skills, as well as promote a healthy lifestyle. The college also organises sports day to encourage healthy competition among its students. This allows the students to gain confidence while competing with other colleges or universities. With such facilities available, the college has become a hub of sports enthusiasts who are determined to excel in their respective field of sports.


Given the growing demand and relevance of the internet in education and research, the Institute furnishes a campus that is Wi-Fi equipped. This ensures students and faculty are provided with access to high-speed Internet within the campus, making classes, events, and webinars more modern and efficient. From any point on the campus, faculty, students and staff have access to all the e-resources and data without difficulty. They are given secure access using their login ID and password to use the Wi-Fi facility on laptops.

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